Erika ZollettDr. Erika A. Zollett
Senior Marine Scientist

Dr. Zollett joined MRAG Americas in 2009. She has a wide-range of experience working on domestic and international fisheries management, conservation, and environmental education projects. Dr. Zollett possesses an expertise in protected species bycatch and conservation; she has conducted bycatch mitigation research for a number of organizations, including the New England Aquarium, World Wildlife Fund, and Northeast Fisheries Science Center, and made recommendations for reducing bycatch.  She has also worked on a diversity of additional fisheries science and management topics, including effective monitoring programs, marine protected areas, catch shares, recreational and commercial fishing regulations, international tuna fisheries, productivity susceptibility analyses, habitat protections, and fisheries assessments. Dr. Zollett has worked effectively with government, academic, non-profit organizations, and fishermen; conducted research and made science and policy recommendations; implemented surveys and interviews of engaged stakeholders; developed and managed projects; organized and facilitated workshops; developed continuing education curriculum for fishery managers; published in peer-reviewed journals; and presented at international conferences.  She holds a B.S. degree from Bates College, a Master of Environmental Degree from Duke University, and a Ph.D. and Cognate in College Teaching from the University of New Hampshire.