Science Tools to Implement EBM in Massachusetts

By April 13, 2010Featured Projects

Client: Massachusetts Ocean Partnership

MRAG Americas has worked in close contact with MA Ocean Partnership staff and contractors in the development of a report in which we provide a framework for implementing ecosystem based management (EBM) and suggest a range of science information tools and their appropriate application to the decision making process. This report provided context and guidance during the development of Massachusetts’s Ocean Management Plan Science Framework. Science tools to implement EBM can be broadly classified as modeling tools, decision analysis tools, and indicators. Additionally, we recommend particular tools for use at various stages of the EBM Implementation process, customizing our recommendations to the amount and type of data that we know are available to the State of MA. Our recommendations are further broken down into short-term and long-term in order to give them priority.

For more information on the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan visit the MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

To download the report, visit our publications page.

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