Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares

Client: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation





Project Overview: The Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares project provides objective, scientifically sound information to answer key questions about effects of two U.S. catch share programs on fishermen, fish stocks, fishing businesses, and fishing communities. The five-year project uses a collaborative approach involving the private sector, university scientists, and government agencies. The project team gathers and rigorously analyzes the best available data on economic, social, ecological, and administrative conditions and trends, comparing years before and during the catch share programs.

Beginning in spring 2013 and continuing regularly thereafter, we will report data for a range of indicators that will be useful to anyone with an interest in these catch share programs. The Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares project does not advocate for or against catch shares. Instead, it provides reliable, neutral information on trends and effects that people can use to answer their own questions or inform their own decisions about catch shares.

Project Team: MRAG Americas is working with a group of experts from academic institutions and private organizations. This team was selected through an open call for letters of interest based on their knowledge, experience, and novel approaches to analyzing the effects of catch share programs using an indicator-based approach.

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