MRAG Americas to Conduct Ongoing Third Party Review of ISSF ProActive Vessel Register

The ISSF ProActive Vessel Register (PVR) is an innovative and effective way for vessel owners to highlight meaningful sustainability efforts. The database verifies the positive steps vessels take in order to improve responsible practices in tuna fishing.

MRAG Americas Inc. will serve as independent auditor of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s (ISSF) ProActive Vessel Register (PVR), a newly launched database that is designed to help identify vessels adopting best-in-class, responsible tuna fishing practices.

The PVR will identify which of more than 25 ISSF Commitments each vessel has adopted, including implementing strategies to increase supply chain transparency, providing complete catch data to management bodies and continuing education in best practices that reduce fishing’s impact on the greater marine environment. MRAG will monitor vessels on the PVR for compliance by performing on-site reviews and audits, as well as conducting regular reviews of public documents and databases. This validation process also includes real-time data submitted via iPads and other mobile applications. Auditors will receive notification when vessels keep a specific commitment, such as when a skipper completes training or submits data to the scientific bodies of a Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO).

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