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MRAG Americas, Inc. is accredited to conduct third party sustainable fishery certifications in accordance with the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing. These Principles and Criteria (and the corresponding scoring guideposts) are the guidelines against which client fisheries are rated. To receive certification, a client fishery must meet or exceed the minimum standards for 1) stock assessment and stock status, 2) ecosystem impacts, and 3) fishery management system.

Certification of a fishery under the MSC environmental standards for sustainable and well-managed fisheries demonstrates that the fish product comes from a fishery that is well managed and harvested at sustainable rates. The MSC authorizes the use of its logo as a label on certified products to reward environmentally responsible fishery management and practices. Consumers, concerned about overfishing and its environmental and social consequences, will increasingly be able to choose seafood products based on sustainability of the fishery resource. Consumers can have confidence that the product labeled with the MSC ecolabel has not contributed to overfishing or environmental destruction.

MRAG Americas and MRAG Ltd. have a history with successful fisheries certifications, having participated as a member on several Assessment Teams, and will be integral to many future certifications. MRAG has been critical in the completed certifications of the South Georgia Toothfish fishery, Heard Island Icefish, and Bering Sea Longline Cod; and currently participates in the ongoing certifications for Atlantic Striped Bass and Norwegian Saithe. In addition, MRAG staff took part in the preparation of a detailed advisory paper prior to the certification of the Alaska pollock fishery and provided advice on the revised Performance Indicators and scoring guideposts for the re-assessment of New Zealand hoki.

Chain of Custody Certifications

In addition, MRAG Americas is accredited to perform Chain of Custody certifications under the MSC and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standards. Chain of Custody certification, which is the traceability element of the MSC and ASC Certification Program, ensures that the product purchased by a consumer was sourced from a sustainably certified fishery or aquaculture operation. We have close to 200 COC clients, including individual restaurants and fish markets, large processors and distributors, and everything in between. Some of our more well-known clients include: McDonald’s USA, McDonald’s Canada, Kraft Heinz Company, Dot Foods, Whole Foods Markets, Coles Supermarkets, James Madison University, University of Virginia, University of Notre Dame, Slade Gorton, Starkist, and Bumble Bee Foods. For detailed information on certified products available, please visit the MSC’s Track a Fishery page.

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For more information please contact:

Amanda Stern-Pirlot
Senior Fisheries Consultant and MSC Program Manager
MRAG Americas–Seattle
1631 15th Ave W, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: +1 (206) 669-0439

For complaints to MRAG Americas pertaining to MSC certifications please email and view our complaints procedure.

MRAG Americas is fully accredited by ASI to perform fishery and chain of custody certifications