Who’s Involved

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The MSC is an independent, global, non-profit organization whose role is to recognize, via a certification program, well-managed wild-capture fisheries and to harness consumer preference for seafood products bearing the MSC label of approval.

This is achieved by accrediting companies to become certification bodies to assess fisheries or companies against the MSC Standard for fisheries or chain of custody certifications. All certification bodies must meet specified requirements as stated in the MSC Accreditation Manual. ASI (Accreditation Services International GmbH) is the independent organization that accredits MSC certifiers.

MRAG Americas, Inc.

MRAG Americas, Inc. is an independent consulting business dedicated to promoting responsible, rational and sustainable utilization of aquatic resources, with offices in Massachusetts, Florida, California, and Alaska. Our staff consists of a unique and highly motivated group of scientists and specialists with expertise in fisheries and aquatic resource science, management, and monitoring; fisheries observer programs; ecosystem and protected area management; government liaison and relations; and international conservation and management agreements. Please read on about our general qualifications and policies.

The Client

The Client (typically one or more stakeholders such as fishery associations, suppliers, processors, government departments) is the body that elects to sponsor a fishery or any portion of the distribution chain for a fishery for full assessments toward certification. The fishery or distribution chain becomes certified only when it has been successfully assessed against the MSC Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing (fishery certifications) or the MSC Chain of Custody Standard (chain of custody certifications) by an independent certification company (MRAG Americas, Inc.).

For more information please contact:

Amanda Stern-Pirlot
Senior Fisheries Consultant and MSC Program Manager
MRAG Americas–Seattle
1631 15th Ave W, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: +1 (206) 669-0439

Customer License Code MSCI0408

MRAG Americas is fully accredited by ASI to perform fishery and chain of custody certifications