Bob TrumbleDr. Robert J. Trumble
Senior Consultant

After more than 50 years in marine science and management, Dr. Bob Trumble, MRAG Americas’ former Vice President, retired at the end of 2017. Bob has been with MRAG since 2000 and has been a major force in our growth and advancement. He left the company significantly larger and more diverse than it was when he started and that success has been in large part due to his great abilities as a scientist and mentor and his skilled leadership of many projects. His massive contribution to our MSC certification work and the MSC itself is a particular standout. Bob’s gain in fishing time is most definitely our loss, but fortunately for us we will not be losing him entirely. He has agreed to continue as MRAG’s Senior Consultant and work on a number of projects as the opportunities arise. We wish Bob and his wife Cindy all the very best for the years to come and look forward to working with him from time to time to time to time (for as much time as he can give us!).