MRAG Americas

MRAG Americas is a private consulting and auditing company focused on activities that support the conservation of marine and freshwater ecosystems through responsible, rational and sustainable use of fish and other aquatic resources. Our work is spread over four Client Service Divisions: the Fisheries Technical Division; the Fisheries Certification Division; the Seafood Sourcing Division; and the Fisheries Monitoring Division.


Fisheries Technical Division

Fisheries Technical Division projects focus on applying established and novel scientific methods to support the sustainable management of fisheries and effectively communicate science to varied audiences.


Fishery Certification Division

Our Fishery Certification Division undertakes independent audits of commercial fisheries against sustainability standards, including the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The Division also conducts Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), designed to improve managed fisheries for a sustainable future and other projects related to fisheries certification and ratings.


Seafood Sourcing Division

In the Seafood Sourcing Division we conduct individualized, independent assessments of supply chain risks and sustainability, including traceability exercises and MSC and ASC Chain of Custody certifications; this is evidence-based work to support informed seafood sourcing choices by businesses and consumers.


Fisheries Monitoring Division

Observer programs and Electronic Monitoring and Electronic Reporting (EM/ER) are integral to the sustainable management of many key fishery resources. MRAG manages these programs globally to collect essential data on commercial fishing activities.


Global Experience

Our ability to service an extensive array of resource management needs is further extended through our network of collaborations with internationally acclaimed experts from academic institutions and other private organizations worldwide.


MRAG scientists are highly published in peer-reviewed journals and symposium proceedings, have presented invited papers at international meetings, and write large scale reports for governments and NGOs.