Seafood Sourcing

Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is critical in making purchasing decisions. Customers and those involved in seafood supply (including the seafood processors, distributors and traders, supermarkets, restaurants, NGOs and the general public) are increasingly seeking assurance that their seafood was caught legally and sustainably.

The MRAG family of companies has partnered with multinational retailers, seafood companies, industry organizations and NGOs throughout the world to provide auditing and assessment services against both third-party and in house ethical and sustainability standards.

Unlike other certifiers, MRAG’s technical expertise in fisheries management, policy and assessment thereby provides a unique and relevant source for all your questions regarding the capture, culture, and sourcing of seafood products. Our experts have the scientific knowledge to work with you to assess the sustainability of your product sources and to help guide your decisions based on this information.

MRAG Services:

Where needed, assessments and audits are conducted on a confidential basis.

MRAG conducts facility visits to farms, vessels, processing facilities, distribution centers, and retail outlets to clarify traceability and sustainability issues.  MRAG also provides thorough reporting on all aspects of seafood traceability and verification services including; the suitability of supply chains, identification of key risks, ratings for sustainability, solutions for reducing risk, and recommendations for monitoring.

MRAG considers ISO 19011 and ISO Guide 65 in auditing and accreditation requirements; and ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22005:2007 for documentation control.

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